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35/50 facts about my life as an exchange student

1. I'm currently living in Novi, Michigan. A town basically as big as Braunschweig. Novi is near Detroit and I really like it here, even If I miss public transportation a lot, because I'm not allowed to drive on my own.

2. I'm at Novi High School. School in America is soooooo differnet. It's hard to describe it. You have the same scheduale everyday. You choose different classes at the beginning of the year, so you have every hour with different people. I have first hour Sciology, second hour English, IB Math Studied (which is basically a college class), 4th hour U.S History, 5th Hour Dancing (which is my favorite subject) and 6th hour Newspaper. School starts at 7.15 and ends at 1:55, the lenght of the classes is different. In 4th hour you have a lunch break, which you spent in the cafeteria with your friends. School is basically really awesome and , when you have good teachers and you pay attention.
Last week our semester changed, so now I have Graphic Arts, English, Finances, History, Dance 2 (my absolut + infinite love) and Newspaper.

3. I'm a  JV Cheerleader. Cheerleading is hard, but I'm really into it. Unfortnately the Cheer season is going to end in February. It's the hardest workout you could ever imagine. I have practice 5 days a week and 2 competitions per week aswell. That sound really hard and I can prove that it is, but it's also fun. You really get into a team, you see your team mates everyday and you have a lot of good moments together, which is important, because you struggle a lot before you reach a goal and your team mates keep you from giving up. You have to go full out so often, you will cry and hate it, but in the and everything that you do in practice worth it and you will be so proud of everything that you reached.

4. My hostfamily is awesome. I love them so so so so much and I'm soooo lucky to stay with them. My hostfamily are my Mom Heidi, my Dad Ryan and my four sisters Ashley, Peri, Eva and Talie.They are kinda like a real family now and I enjoy staying with them so much!! Words can't descrive what they gave to me by letting me come in there family.

5. I'm sharing my room with my older hostsister, but she's living at MSU right now, so I'm mostly on my own in my room. (My room is incredibly beautiful by the way and so is our house, I might gonna show you pictures, if I'm going to clean everything up)

6. I wasn't really homesick since I'm here. It's because I have 2 wonderful families on each side of the planet and especially my German family is so awesome, that I know even If I'm far away they are always there and love me really much.

7. Americans don't have Whatsapp, which makes me really mad sometimes. Instead everybody is using twitter. (If you are interested in my everyday walkytalk just search for Ella Krutzfeld)

8. I traveled already to Los Angeles (including Pasadena, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills). I'm going to do a Chicago Trip with some friends and I'm going to do a roadtrip with my hostfamily at springbreak. We are going to drive from Phonix, Arizona to the Grand Canyon.

9. I love shopping here, even If it's kinda expensive, because the tax get added to the clothes when you pay for them.

10. My exchange company is YFU. They are awesome, I really would recommend going with YFU. They help you so much, prepare you really good and support you in every way.

11. My clothing style changed really much since I'm here. It got more mature and a little bit less freaky. I'm going to take so many photos, when the weather get's better and I'm going to have a lookbook again, etc.

12. I'm really thankful for my German friends, who understand that I can not text and skype so much. I'm grateful that they really support me! (shoutout to all of them, If they reading this)

13. I'm dancing in school, which is quite a lot fun. We are having two dances right now, which we are performing at the School Dance Night at the end of January. I'm super excited about that, because I'm really close to people in my dance class and we did a lot of work together, which now spreads out and we get better everytime we dance.

14. My english is sooooo much better. I'm just speaking without thinking about it. I also dream in English sometimes, which is super awesome.

15. You understand American movies so much better, If they are with the original jokes in the original language.

16. I don't want to leave here, so I didn't pick my flight date yet. No it's too late the deadline is over. I'm just gonna get one randomly.

17. I started using make up for the first time of my life, because it's requiered for cheer competitions ''to look nice'' (which in German would mean that you look like a hooker. At least in the face.)

18. My favorite movie is ''Stuck in Love''. I watched it like 5 times since I'm here and can sing every song from the soundtrack by heart.

19.  I'm afraid to go to parties, because everybody drinks and smokes and drives while doing so.

20. Cheer takes 90% of my life. The other 10 are 5% school and 5% sleep.

21. I lost weight since I'm her and got a lot more muscles than before.

22. I would recommend doing an exchange year to everybody. You are having the time of your life! You are gonna learn so much about yourself and the world and the expierence you make are worth so much. Everything is so amazing and you sometimes can't belive that it really is your life you are living.

23. Mexican Food is awesome. So is american (which is much more than just fast food).

24. I was in Detroit for four times, even though it's only 20 minutes away. Three times at the airport and one time at a fied trip from my school to a Detroit middle school for a sciology project.

25. My favorite food since I'm here is grilled cheese sandwich.

26. Please people don't buy the eos lipbalm. It's 3$ in the US, which is about 2,50€. I have friends in Germany, who ordered it only for 8€ and that's way too much and they are not even good. So please people, think before buying.

27. Nordstrom and Forever 21 are my favorite stores over here. (oh and puncan and zumizez (especially because the most beautiful boy in this world is working there) and american eagle and vicortia secret and and and)

28. I love the other exchange students so much! I found friends in all parts of the world and we are currently planning a roadtrip to each country to visit us all. Even it's such a huge dream, It's amazing to know you found some really good friends, who will always be there for you, even they not speak your language and are not just a car ride away. I have friends from Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Schweden, Schwitzerland and everywhere else you can image.

29. This fact is not about the exchange year, but guess what? Who cares? My blog is noooooooot named after the Kid Cudi Song. It's not. It's not. It' not. It's named after the cover by Lissie, which is my favorite song since 2 or 3 years. It's basically the theme of my life. (Kid Cudi did a good job at the original yeah, but lissie is awesome).

30. I'm thinking of doing track in the spring or playing softball. Maybe I'm just gonna dance or workout with my friend Lisa everyday. You see, I don't have any thight plans, but I will do something sporty.

31. I'm so addicted to my time to zero app! I alway have to checkk all of my countdowns and I'm so excited for them to run down. But I really want to stop my ''Time until Home'' countdown. By the way, I'm now here since 180 days. That's over 6 months.

32. I really wanna travel my whole life. Right now I know that I'm not gonna stay in Germany for a long time, There are so many parts of the world I need to see, so many languages I want to learn, so many people I didn't meet yet and so many things I need to try.

33. I know that the exchange year is an awesome time. Something nobody can take away from me, something I never gonna regret. That's why I want a tatto as a memorie of my time here. I'm going to ink it in Germany, because here most of the Stores here are really really bad. I'm thinking about getting an anchor with a ''Home is where the anchor drops'' quote or a world map on my back. Maybe I can include a ''Pursuit of Happiness''. I'm thinking about the anchor since my time in France (for only 1,5 months - even though it felt like home), so after the year the time for getting it should be there, If I still want it. I'm afraid of getting a tattoo to fast and to liking it anymore when I'm older, but after two years of thinking I can't do so much wrong I think.

34. I met so many inspiring people and so many really weird folks. And i love it. It gives me so many ideas about what I wanna do with my life and my photography and my ''art'' (or the thing i like to call art). It's sooo amazing, so inspirational and it tells you so much about yourself, about your views of life and you begin to question them and think about them more wisely and every human you talk to leaves a footprint in your soul. The people you met are the greatest gift you get when you are abroad. I really want to share all this with everybody in the whole entire world, but of course I'm not able too. So just for you all: people are amazing.

35. I'm having a spotify playlist with all music I'm listen to in the exchange year. Every song has a memory, something that makes it special to me right now. So let's enjoy my memories.

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