Donnerstag, 8. Dezember 2011


Hier nun das Interview mit Christopher Captain (Salguero) einem wirklich tollen  Fotographen, dass ich für . Die Foto's oben stammen von ihm. 

What's your name ? 

christopher salguero

Why your name is Captain ? 

the name captain was used when i was a lifeguard, teaching kids to swim, the ease of originality of the name sort of just stuck with me. captain Chris, to just captain to Christopher Captain. is the ending of evolutions of that name. it helped coped with the name Christopher i was given. i love my name but dont like turning around when there's more then 3 Christoper in a room.

What's your biggest inspiration ? 

my biggest inspiration is_ the people around me whom create in all possible assets of there life's.

Which Cameras do you use ? Which lens do you use ?
-i have a vast collection of cameras, its sort of hard to pin point, i love using hand me down point n shoot cameras i find at thrift stores, and i do my best to avoid zoom lenses. for my dslr i carry a d7000 around with a 85mm 1.8 around or 35mm when i want to get the whole picture i have wide lenses as well for any architectural that catches my eye 

Are you reading Blogs or Tumblrs ? 

my favorite blogs to be on would be 
and my blog i think i am on it half the time of my day, i love when new people follow me and reblog me its this ultimate love i feel 

Who is your paragon ? 

my paragon of a artist would be photographer

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